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Why use a professional technical writer when

  • anyone can write can't they?
  • the developers know the product, they can write the manual
  • our software is easy to use, no one needs a manual

However ....

  • Users do not view the product from the same point of view as those who produced it.
  • Technical writers have the same viewpoint as users.
  • Developers hate writing manuals, they would far rather be writing code.
  • Good documentation can add enormous value to complicated software.

When producing technical documentation I take pride in:

  • Explaining complex subjects in simple terms.
  • Writing from the user's point of view - not the developers.
  • Ensuring users can find what they need from the documentation.
  • Using clear language that can be understood by readers whose mother tongue is not English.
  • Employing good writing styles and practice.
  • Checking accuracy, completeness and presentation.
  • Meeting deadlines.

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Creative and Technical

As well as being a technical writer I have also written a novel,

set during the First World War in the village of Linsmeau where I have lived for more than 20 years.