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About Joanna O'Kelly

I was born and brought up in the UK. I was educated at the University of Leicester, where I was awarded a Batchelor of Science in Engineering. I then obtained a Master of Science from Leeds University in Tribology (the study of lubrication, friction and wear) followed by PhD on the study of "Lubrication and friction in human and artificial hip joints".

I spent two years as a research engineer at the Machine Tool Industry Research Association in Macclesfield before moving to Belgium in 1979.

Since living in Belgium, I have worked as a translator, a technical writer, a documentation manager and a usability engineer as well as raising three sons and renovating an old farmhouse.

When not working, I like to spend my time reading, drawing, taking photographs, writing imaginative stories and most of all -working in my garden (helped by my highly competent neighbour and landscape architect Jo Smeets).